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Walking in Purity, pt. 3

Ephesians 5:2-8



In chapter 4 we put off, put on, and put away some things.  Next, we see that walking in purity involves love and light.


v. 2, 8      We are to walk in love and walk in the light.


This is based on the assumption that we are children of God.

v. 1  'Follower' = mimic/imitate. 

ill.--a man was walking in the snow to the tavern.  He turned around to see his boy following him, taking big strides.  "I'm following in your tracks, dad!" 

Dad decided to track in a different direction.


Children like to imitate their parents.  This fact can be humorous, heartwarming, and sometimes irritating.  Little girls want to wear mom's makeup, heels or jewelry.  Little boys follow dad around while he mows, using their own little plastic mower. 


ill.--commercial:  like father, like son? [boy copies dad on everything, including smoking cigarettes]


Kids learn more from our actions than our words.  We don't get what we want, we get what we ARE. 


And so Paul tells us to imitate our Father by walking in the light and in love.  Walk-ins welcome!  Walk in purity, walk in the light, walk in love!


1.     Walking in love.

        a.     Example of love in the life of Jesus.

v. 2  Jesus is the example.  He came as an offering.  Because He was virgin born, He could die for OUR sins.  If not, He would've had to die for his own sins.  He was born as an example.


His baptism was an example.  "In whom I am well pleased." = watch Him/listen to Him/follow Him.


Then He went about touching people you and I would consider untouchable, like lepers, poor, filthy, diseased, outcast, crippled.  Imagine how unloved they felt.  Their spouse couldn't touch them, nor could their kids.  They couldn't sit on a rock or drink from a stream. 

        Maybe you are one of the devil's untouchables.  Because of sin, you feel unloved, unclean, unworthy, and untouchable.  Jesus loves you, and is willing to touch you.  And He's an example to all of us of who we should be willing to touch.  I can change that diaper, I can wipe that kid's nose, I can go to people of that race, I can speak to that homeless man, I can make that hospital visit, I can clean that mess, I can touch the untouchable because I was untouchable and yet He touched me!


        a.     Example of love in the life of Jesus.

        b.     Expression of love in the death of Jesus.

v. 2          "given Himself for us an offering."

        Love always expresses itself in giving.

When a man loves a woman, he brings flowers, candy, maybe a ring!  And Jesus loves us so much he shows up on our doorstep with a gift!


This death was voluntary...He gave Himself.  He walked up Calvary's hill, He wasn't dragged.

        You and I don't decide when to die, but Jesus did, and gave up the ghost!  He wasn't murdered/executed, no man took His life from Him.


This death was vicarious...He did it for us...in our place!

        We are Barabbas!  We are guilty, and set free, because the innocent took our place.  Did He watch from a distance the beating, the crucifixion?  "That should have been me!"  "I should have been crucified..."


This death was victorious...a sweet smelling savour. 

        In Lev. 1-3 we see the burnt offering, the meal offering, and the peace offering.  [some guys think they have had a meal offering that WAS a burnt offering, and so they need to make a peace offering!]

        God accepted those offerings as a sweet smelling savour, just as Christ's offering on the cross was accepted of the Father!


2.     Walking in light.

vv. 3-8     Look at the contrast drawn between what we USED to be and what we ARE now in Christ! 

        Notice he doesn't say you were IN darkness, but that you WERE darkness.  But light dispels darkness, so Jesus is the light of the world, and we can walk in that light, and become lights in the world as well.


Paul points out that if you are a child of the light, you have no business in this list of darkness.  He lists sexual and verbal sins.

v. 3 is sexual.  Step out of the dark and into the light.

        Covetousness is mentioned in this context.  It is desiring something that isn't yours.  It's uncontrolled appetite, taking what isn't yours.  And you can take it with your eyes and with your heart.

        Girls, don't show what doesn't belong to them!


v. 4 is verbal. 

Filthiness is indecent, shameful speech.

Foolish talking is gloating and bragging about sinning.

        Christians do fall into sin sometimes, but it ought to break our hearts, not be a great story to share!

Jesting means able to turn easily.  It's taking any statement, and being able to turn it into something dirty.  Double entendre.  A quick wit is a blessing, but mix it with a dirty mind and it becomes a curse. 


"Not convenient" = out of place, or inappropriate.

        This is not condemning clean humor.  Humor is a gift from God, perverted by man.  I'm thankful that saved people can have fun, and don't have to wake up guilty in the morning!


"Rather, giving of thanks." 


vv. 5-7     If you insist/persist on walking in darkness, you need to question your own salvation.  Can you sin and not feel convicted? 


v. 6 "Let no man deceive you..."

        Some false teachers were saying grace was a license to sin.  "Do anything you want, confess it, and you're fine!"  Not so fast.


Walking in purity entails walking in love and walking in the light.

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