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The Lines are Drawn

[Abortion in Ohio, and coming soon to your state]


I’m thankful to God for His blessings, and for my life!  I’m breathing…right now.  I can sit up and take in nourishment.  My heart is beating.  It has done that my entire life.  I can smell and taste delicious food.  I can walk and you know I can talk.  I can see all the beauty of God’s creation.  I can hear this good music.  I have a family…my family!  We have a home, warmth, and safety.  I go to a great church filled with amazing people who have all these same blessings that I do.  They love.  They give.  They serve.  They pray.

I have a job.  I love it.

Sometimes I hurt, but then I heal.

I have a bad day, but I can go to sleep, and wake refreshed, and start over again…another chance for another good day…still breathing, still living this life God has given me.


I’m thankful for my life!


And I’m sorry, that because of a change this week to Ohio’s constitution, untold numbers of others won’t get to experience any of it.  I’m angry.  I’m disappointed.  I’m homesick.


And daily I’m reminded that the world is changing, and falling apart, and that I don’t fit in here.  This once Christian nation has changed in many ways.  Their values are not mine.  I am a minority, and discrimination and persecution are charging my way.


Outspent 2 to 1

Outplanned by evil

Outgunned by Satan himself, who is come to steal, kill, and destroy!


This week I experienced voter intimidation.  Someone was watching me as I filled out my ballot in the booth.  I didn’t mind, for it was God watching me, and you bet I was intimidated for nothing holds His attention more than innocent blood.  It called out to Him from the ground when Cain slew his brother, and it cries out from abortion mills.


The people in charge are getting rich on this industry.  They are building an empire.  And those doctors may have luxurious homes, but they are built with babies bodies for bricks and babies blood for mortar.  On their hands is innocent blood.


Innocent blood holds God’s attention.  But we are anything BUT innocent blood…yet when Jesus’ innocent blood was shed it made our salvation possible…it got God’s attention!


But judgment is coming.  God has never spared a nation which would embrace such evil.  He didn’t spare the Canaanites who lived in Gaza in Bible days, as they sacrificed their children.  He won’t spare the terrorists who occupy that same territory, who butchered children 5 weeks ago.  He didn’t spare Sodom, though He tried to find reason…just a few conservatives who would stand for what’s right, but they were weak and feckless. 


Conservatives in America are weak and feckless, and are losing elections.  Conservatism is losing.  The unborn are losing.  Our leaders are losing their minds…most of them ideologically…but Biden, literally!  Israel is losing the hearts of their only remaining supporting nation.  Common sense generations are aging and thinning out, and our nation is losing.  College students are lost the moment they step on campus.  Our economy is losing, the border is losing, our schools are losing, and our young people are losing their future before they even have a chance to build something.

As a result, lost people are losing their hope of being saved as the clock ticks, and as time winds down. 


That’s a lot of losing.  But I won this week…and so did you!  We won the approval of heaven.  Would God vote for you?  He’s watching for us to take a stand.  Even our rural county voted wrong this week.  Actually, only 17k out of 60k even voted!  And they say in order to win we have to change.  Don’t go for a ban on abortion, and remember to include exceptions, they say.  This misses the entire point of the sanctity of life, which has nothing to do with the conditions of your conception.  It’s just compromise, and that won’t earn God’s blessings.


While we are still breathing, let’s be thankful, and let’s take a stand!

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